"Stronger As One Keep up The Spirit"


SAVA is more than simple beauty.

SAVA embrace an age less, graceful, luminous, radiant glow.

SAVA beauty & wellness is one of the Indonesian first aesthetic Treatment established in 2010. The clinic is ensuring best practice in all areas from sanitisation processes to responsible consultation.

SAVA beauty & wellness is the place to visit for a wide range of Medical Aesthetic treatments ranging from minor surgical procedures to laser skin improvement and cosmetic injectables. The staff are long standing and respected  the dedication to strict hygiene procedures and customer service are apparent and very family like.

To be the most comfortable and luxurious Beauty Sanctuary that innovates to meet the beauty needs of our customers. We will also innovate and revolve with only the latest technology that keeps up with the trend.
Kelly T. SetiadiKurnia
Our Mission
Our Philosophy
Experiences of Satisfaction.

Sava is a perceptual experience of pleasure and satisfaction. The experience of SAVA involves the interpretation of being in balance and harmony with yourself, which may lead to feeling of attraction and emotional well-being.

Our vision
One-Stop Beauty Clinic

As one-stop beauty clinic, Sava provides beauty treatments from “top to toe”. Sava combines healthy lifestyle, slimming program and beauty treatments to reveal the beautiful essence of every woman.

Sava is a certified beauty & wellness clinic that provides comprehensive needs for customers.

With scientifically proven products, well trained beauticians, expert doctors and the latest technology from Asia and Europe, Sava uncompromisingly offers a professional beauty clinics that can meet every individual beauty needs.

Our Doctor

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Consulting a doctor, especially for skin health,

is crucial as they can provide professional diagnosis, personalized treatment plans

Dry Skin
Normal Skin
Oily Skin
Sensitive Skin
Combination Skin

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